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On a recent google browse Cath had a double-breath-taking moment, with not only an article on the stunning new apartment of Gerard Butler via inspirational online bible Architectural Digest but also the newfound works of  Elvis Restaino who made all of this happen.
The seed was planted on the Pirates of the Carribean ride at Disneyland years ago when Elvis was a child (and also incidentally…if you’re going to name your child ‘Elvis’…well there is a great destiny awaiting you right there!)…when Elvis asked his mother who had made the ride? (I have been on this ride myself and it is just magical).  To which his mother replied, that it had been made by Production Designers, and it was then that Elvis made the decision that indeed this is what he wanted to be when he grew up.
And so after 15 years in the set production industry, and suggestions from his celebrity clientele that he take on Interior Design projects, he had the fortune to meet Gerard Butler (lucky duck..) and so the rest is history.  With a liking towards Elvis’s theatrical approach to design, Gerard enlisted him to tackle the project of completely transforming his Loft in Manhattan.
The results are simply stunning and very much reflect the philosophy of Charcoal Interiors and so we just had to share this with you.  There are some really inventive elements to this design and I will attempt to share some of them with you..time was a big endeavour with unanimously stunning results.
All photography credits to Durston Saylor..photographer to the stars and also with an extensive and impressive portfolio.
The design brief was that Gerard wanted something “Elegant and gorgeous yet at the same time masculine and raw”.
Reclaimed timbers were chosen not only for the sustainability aspect but also for its incomparable quality.  Timbers were sourced from old barns and warehouses and used throughout.
Due to strict modern day safety codes, to comply, Elvis needed to ensure that a fire rated door was fitted at the entrance to the apartment, but unfortunately standard solid core fire doors would have clashed with the design, and so he managed to source a pair of circa 1920’s 8 foot mahogany doors which complied with all fire codes and ratings and enhancing the original design…amazing and from a design perspective too, we can relate to this kind of tenacity in sourcing just the right piece for a client…the attention to detail is inspiring.


Anyone for a movie and popcorn in the divine Home Theatre?
We love the use of the pillars…lovers of these please contact us as we also have wooden hand carved pillars in stock…only one pair available and POA.


The intricate archway detailing throughout was achieved by using chicken wire and plaster.  The painters then matched the paint colour to real limestone sculptured lions that were installed.


Coloured plaster gave much more of a dramatic effect than paint, giving texture and depth…or as Elvis would say…giving the walls ‘life’


Sumptuous fabrics were used in drapery and soft furnishings.  Truly an apartment fit for the modern day Spartacus with impeccable taste :-)


The kitchens cabinetry and splash backs were fashioned from left over reclaimed timbers sourced from old barns and warehouses.  And everybody should have a chandelier in their kitchen at some stage in their lifetime.
Please be sure to click on all of the links provided, to be taken to the original Architectural Digest article, Elvis Restaino’s website and also Durston Saylor photography as this is just a small snippet of inspiration offered here today.  We also highly recommend you day dream over Elvis’s latest project ‘Erieville Manor’ bed and breakfast around 5 hours drive from Manhattan, where you will be pampered with meals derived from recipes of his mother and grandmother, plus there is a section on his blog where you can also drool over his fully restored 1955 Porsche 356…now who wouldnt feel like a moviestar driving that!  Once you see the photos of Elvis via his website and Erieville site, you will see he is most befitting of not only the car, but the lifestyle which so warmly encompasses him….a star in his own right.

Leslie Alexander’s Société du Vin: Where Hamptons Meets Hollywoo

2012 OCTOBER 29
by Joseph & Curtis

Leslie Alexander is the owner of Société du Vin, in Bridgehampton NY which is a unique concept in the world of wine. He also owns the Houston Rockets and has a personal wine collection of over 6,000 bottles.

Société du Vin is part wine country club, part storage facility, and part Hollywood set. Leslie spent $5 million to turn an old potato barn in Bridgehampton into a lavish tasting room which was designed by Hollywood set designer Elvis Restaino who has created sets for television and movies and the residence of actor Gerard Butler.

Leslie described the inspiration behind Société du Vin as a great place to go in the Hamptons on a rainy day. At Joseph and Curtis we may be a little biased but rain or shine it’s a terrific place to cellar your wine, and to meet some interesting wine loving people.

Gerard Butler Apartment New York

Elvis Restaino Design Durston Saylor Photography

This was a photo that was never in Architectural Digest. It happens to be my favorite.